Sermon Series: Forgiveness – A Rare Jewel
Text: Leviticus 25
Preacher: Brent McCrory

This is the start of a new sermon series, Forgiveness – a Rare Jewel. The title is fitting as a person does not simply glance or look at a jewel from one angle. No, a person looks at a jewel and appreciates it, but also realizes what has been seen is not the whole jewel. So, the person turns the jewel just a bit to get a different look at it. Keep in mind, this is a different look at the same jewel, but each look at it (each different facet) helps one to appreciate the holistic beauty of the jewel.

So how does this tie in with forgiveness? First, there must be no mistake about it, forgiveness is far more precious than any jewel. Second, for some reason forgiveness is a difficult concept to not only grasp, but also to practice. Perhaps this is because forgiveness is often thought of, or talked about, as an abstract ideal or theory. There are likely other factors as well, but this sermon is intended to take forgiveness out of the realm of theory and place it into the concrete reality in which we live. So let us look at the jewel of forgiveness from this angle before we turn it a bit.

6.22.14 sermon ppt