Sermon Series: What Would Jesus Undo? 
Text: Psalm 37
Preacher: Brent McCrory

Walking in step with Jesus is the most rewarding life possible. After all, an active Agent in creation said He came to give life abundantly (cf. John 10:10). In light of this reality, it makes since that Jesus wants to undo the effects of sin on all of creation. And you, o person reading this, are a part of the crowning point of creation. In other words, Jesus is most certainly concerned about you.

He is willing, and able, but a reality remains – Jesus won’t override your free will. In fact, the amount of control we have over ourselves is astounding (we can even stop the work of God in our lives – but that is another issue). Similarly another statement is astounding as well; the only person you can control is yourself. While this may seem trivial this reality manifests itself in a variety of ways in our lives and is essential if one wants to get out of the comparison game.

7.5.15 sermon ppt