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Room For Doubt

Questions and doubts…they abound in all areas of life. So why is it that sometimes they seem unwelcome in, around, or by people seeking to follow God?

In light of the reality of questions and doubts, we will be doing a six week series dealing with questions such as:

    Is Doubt Always Bad?
    Does God Really Exist?
    Is the Bible Reliable?
    Why Do Christians Say Jesus Is God’s Son?
    Why Does God Allow Tragedy & Suffering?
    Isn’t It Intolerant To Say Jesus Is The Only Way?

Granted, these may not be your questions, but perhaps they are questions of someone you know. Feel free to invite them. Also, if you have other questions, please let us know because we can allow more room for doubt in the future.

We look forward to having you with us at the West Campus (1702 West 15th Ave) at 10am Sunday mornings as we gather in wonder and awe, along with questions and searching, as we continue this new year.

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