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Welcome Home

Change is a good thing. Many people have been ready for Spring for quite some time. Granted, it was a relatively long, cold, and snowy winter…yet the desire for Spring simply illustrates how change is a good thing.

Yet the phrase “change is a good thing” needs tempered a bit. After all, quite often change is resisted, even feared. This happens because people do not necessarily fear change…they fear what they may lose.

For this reason, during the Lenten Season, we are taking a look at (mostly) the Sermon on the Mount. We will see Jesus inviting us to leave the path of dust behind (cf. Genesis 3:19) and follow Him on the path of LIFE. Thankfully, in Christ our destiny is no longer to return to the dust…it is to be transformed on the path of LIFE.

Change, is a good thing!

We look forward to you joining us at 10:00am on Sunday mornings as we seek to follow Jesus, our King. 

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