Seminar Study: Eschatology- Introducing Genre
Text: Various
Speaker: Brent McCrory

Last week one of the things we learned was how the Bible defines “the last days” – and it is quite different than how they are commonly talked about in our culture.  Yet does this matter?

This week, among other things, we will look a bit at how science and movies view “apocalyptic” things.  Whether we realize it or not, talk about “the end” is nothing new.  We will also look at the importance of a little word called genre and how it impacts reading and understanding the Bible.

We have yet to define eschatology.  Yet we are starting to see the importance of it.  In light of this, why is it ignored by so many?  Why do many other flock to it and focus on it alone?  This week we entered a bit more into the book of Revelation; once again some flock to it and others avoid it like the plague.  Certainly there has to be some sort of balance in there – right?

2-9-12 Eschatology Handout