Sermon Series: NLCC Elders
Text: Various
Preacher: Bob Griffin

Sounds of “Happy Father’s Day” are not pleasant for many. Far too many people have painful and difficult memories concerning their Fathers. Yet a reality is, many had wonderful Fathers, and treasure many wonderful memories. Truthfully, of the many who have painful and difficult memories concerning their Fathers, many of them also have some fond memories as well.
Whew! There has to be a balance somewhere in the midst of all that where people can agree! A possible place is that, for those who are parents, we can acknowledge being a parent is difficult…and that quite often parents (Fathers in today’s focus) do the best they can. Yet taking it a step further than that, for Christians at least, the place of agreement is in God being the Ultimate Father.

Bob is an elder of New Life Christian Church. Part way through the sermon you will hear a portion of Robert Mazetta’s story; Robert is a part of New Life’s family.