Sermon Series: The Story: Missing THE King?
Text: Matthew 5-7; Mark 4:35-5:43
Preacher: Brent McCrory

Special Note: In months with five Sundays we do not have our normal kids worship time. So this recording will include a brief time of interaction between Brent and children from 3 years old through the fourth grade. There will be some parts where the audio did not fully pick up the comments of the children. The rest of the sermon begins somewhere around the nine minute mark of the recording. If for some reason you would like only the regular sermon, simply click on the sermon link “Jesus’ Way Among Us…”

Quite often when we come to Jesus we want to do so on our terms. I suppose this is only natural. After all, our culture conditions us to want and have things our way (as if we needed help with this). Yet Jesus does not call us to do what merely comes naturally.

In light of this reality, what would Jesus’ way among us look like? While the answers we consider to this important question are not exhaustive, they do give us a good place to begin.