Series: life Interrupted…   
Text: Matthew 1
Speaker: Brent McCrory


Interruptions happen with a great amount of frequency. Quite often we are bothered by them because, well, we wanted to be doing what we were planning to do. And then comes Advent…a season of waiting, a season of longing for the return of Jesus.

Speaking of interruptions, due to the blizzard last week, we were not able to hear stories of how thankfulness has greatly benefited the lives of people at New Life. However, we will be weaving these testimonies in over the next several weeks. A special thank you to Melissa Herring and Christian Schrock for sharing this week.

Ultimate hope may be delayed beyond your lifetime and mine…but the daily discipline of hopefulness strengthens and nourishes your soul. And a way to cultivate hope is to remember, and be thankful.

12.2.18 sermon ppt