This is a three week class covering Baptism & the Lord’s Supper. Sounds a bit ambitious does it not? Obviously not everything will be covered in these three weeks. However, this will be an attempt to lay a foundation to understand these great mysteries of The Church.

Seminar Study: Baptism & The Lord’s Supper
Text: Various
Speaker: Brent McCrory

The Lord’s Supper. What an amazing moment in time (when Jesus celebrated “the last supper” with His disciples) that infuses meaning into all of history. It is a mystery – there is no way around it. Yet we ought not ignore Biblical mysteries, nor should we seek to eradicate mystery by claiming to have all the answers, rather we should stand (and bow) in awe of them.

Not only is the recording two nights condensed into one, it is also an attempt to condense concepts spanning some 3,500 years into a bit over an hour. Yeah, I am not entirely sure what I was thinking at the time. Yet hopefully tonight a foundation was laid from which we can continue to ask questions and evaluate what we do and believe as we build towards a fuller understanding of and participation with the Lord’s Supper. It is a marvelous gift that has been given to us.

  • There was a lot of discussion after the recording stopped – good stuff, but not included on this recording (you had to be here).
  • When people ask questions the audio does not pick them up. Unfortunately I was not consistent in repeating questions for the sake of the audio. So while questions are edited out (or else there would be fuzzy noise), hopefully there can be a general understanding of the questions to which I am responding based on my reply (both if I state the question and by phrases upon which I will focus in my answer).

9.27.12 Lord’s Supper ppt
9.27.12 [HO-filled]