Series: You Matter 
Text: Psalm 22 as well as a few other psalms and cultural songs
Preacher: Brent McCrory

Once again the message is clear, you matter. This time it is “our songs” which clearly state this reality. As you listen in the “our songs” will be clarified a bit, which is important, because it is not only Christian songs which say you matter.

Yet with this said, it also needs to be said that Christian songs – from the book of Psalms – say we matter in a very meaningful, and potentially life-changing, way. This will unfold as you listen in to the sermon. It can also be illustrated by pondering the change in a phrase by replacing “for” with “in,” as well as by replacing “through” with “in.” So, listen in, and if you feel like it, sing along.

2.21.16 sermon ppt