Series: Praying the Psalms: Anchoring Ourselves in God’s word 
Text: Psalm 19
Preacher: Brent McCrory


CS Lewis described Psalm 19 as the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world. I have not read enough poetry to fully, with intellectual honesty, agree with Clive. However, I will not be so arrogant as to blatantly disagree with him.

Yet I will say these few things. Psalm 19 has some striking similarities to Genesis 1-3, which is quite interesting. Also, Psalm 19 is one of the “Torah focused” psalms in the Psalter; Psalm 1 & Psalm 119 are the other two. Lastly, if Psalm 19 does not lead us to look more like someone…then something is amiss.

So listen in as we continue our series of “Praying the Psalms.” Also, be sure to listen in as Doug Epps shares about Family Promise of the Flinthills, a worthwhile ministry in need of support in a variety of ways.