Series: duST to LiFeText: Matthew 28 and others Speaker: Brent McCrory Expectations are a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, some expectations can be helpful. Yet quite often we see expectations get in the way of people understanding Jesus in the gospels. Fast-forward nearly 2,000 years and I…


Resurrection Hope


Series: duST to LiFeText: Resurrection Texts Speaker: Brent McCrory Resurrection Sunday is the biggest day of the year…and big days often have expectations. Yet what if our expectations are off? Or perhaps need adjusted a bit? NOTE: Some Scripture reading and passing out of materials for those normally in Kids…


Anger or LIFE?


Series: duST to LiFeText: Matthew 5:1-12, 21-26 Speaker: Brent McCrory This is our first sermon in the current duST to LiFe series. We will be looking at aspects of the Sermon on the Mount for most of the series as we seek to join Jesus on the path of LIFE….