Text: Romans 12 Speaker: David Hurlocker http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/09-16-2018_Romans_12.mp3 Baggage claim…everyone’s favorite part of flying. Right? What does Jesus have to do with baggage claim? Listen in as David Hurlocker shares some thoughts.  


Series: The Hidden Kingdom Text: The Letters Speaker: Brent McCrory http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/09-09-2018_The_Letters.mp3   Our last stop in this brief “The Hidden Kingdom” series leads us to the letters in the New Testament. Now for someone reading through the letters for the first time on their own (or even the 100th) there are…


Series: The Hidden Kingdom Text: The Gospels Speaker: Brent McCrory http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/09-02-18_The_Gospels.mp3 The Hidden Kingdom appears to be just that, “hidden” in what we call the Old Testament. Yet as we have seen the last two weeks, it is clearly there. Granted, at times we need to be shown where to look,…


Hidden in Exodus


Series: The Hidden Kingdom  Text: Exodus and others Preacher: Brent McCrory   http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/8-26-18_exodus.mp3   Quite often the focus of the Exodus is just that, the exodus (exit) of God’s people from the land of Egypt. Included in this are famous details like the plagues, the parting of the Red…


Hidden in Genesis


Series: The Hidden Kingdom  Text: Genesis and others  Preacher: Brent McCrory http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/08-19-18_Genesis.mp3 For those aware of debates concerning the Bible, Genesis is often viewed as a battleground for the beginning. In other words is it Creation? Evolution? Something in between? I wonder what might happen if we would stop coming…


Psalm 19


Series: Praying the Psalms: Anchoring Ourselves in God’s word  Text: Psalm 19 Preacher: Brent McCrory http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/8-5-18_psalm_19.mp3   CS Lewis described Psalm 19 as the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world. I have not read enough poetry to fully, with intellectual honesty, agree with…


Preacher: David Hurlocker    http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/7-15-18_VBS_Worship_service.mp3   Vacation Bible School was a wet, learning, fun, and wild time for children from six Emporia Congregations this year as children learned that all of God’s promises are answered “yes” in Jesus. This sermon is a reflection on VBS, as well as how…


Series: Praying the Psalms: Anchoring Ourselves in God’s word  Text: Mark 4:26-29; Psalms 1-5 Preacher: Brent McCrory http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/7-1-18-Psalm1-5.mp3 Time moves quickly. Perhaps this often mentioned saying is more apparent today, at the half-way point for the year. In light of this it is good to take a look around and evaluate…


Psalm 5


Series: Praying the Psalms: Anchoring Ourselves in God’s word  Text: Psalm 5 Preacher: Brent McCrory http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/6-24-18-Psalm5.mp3 You have likely heard sayings, and even statistics, about how one starts their day is extremely important. Yet we talked about starting our day well by ending it well last week with Psalm 4. This week…


Psalm 4


Series: Praying the Psalms: Anchoring Ourselves in God’s word  Text: Psalm 4 Preacher: Brent McCrory http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Praying%20the%20Psalms/6-17-18Psalm4.mp3 Sleep. We all need it. Rhythm. Without it life remains chaotic. In light of these realities, let us seek to ‘start’ our day well by ‘ending’ it well. SELAH. 6.17.18 Psalm4 sermon ppt