Series: Welcome Home  Text: Psalm 117 Speaker: Brent McCrory Today was our last “Welcome Home” worship service. The audio above flowed out of reflecting a bit on the morning’s time of worship led by Into the Son, along with a love for and devotion to follow Jesus.


Series: Welcome Home  Text: Mark 8Speaker: Brent McCrory This sermon title may raise a variety of questions, such as: Which God? To What? Can anyone come? and others. Listen in as we continue our Welcome Home series.


Series: Welcome Home  Text: Psalm 23 Speaker: Brent McCrory We continue our Welcome Home series with a look at Psalm 23 and the concept of a God Who is willing to sit with us. The question is, will we make time to sit with Him?


Series: Welcome Home  Text: Mark 3 Speaker: Kevin Ingram As we continue our Welcome Home series we were blessed to have Kevin Ingram, the president of Manhattan Christian College, share a message with us from Mark 3.


Series: Welcome Home  Text: Luke 15 Speaker: Brent McCrory As we continue our Welcome Home series this week we come home to the God Who Seeks and Waits for me. We find these concepts in many places, but this week we concentrated on Luke 15…where we also find ears…


Series: Welcome Home  Text: Various (including Revelation 21 & Luke 4) Speaker: Brent McCrory The word gospel simply means good news. In light of this reality, the word itself is relative; what is good news for one may be bad news for another. However, realistically speaking, when was the…


The God Who Sees Me


Series: Welcome Home  Text: Genesis 16Speaker: Brent McCrory More than likely we have all had a time when we wished we were invisible. Perhaps we were embarrassed by something we did, or we did not want to get caught, or simply REALLY wanted to win at hide and seek….