Sermon Series: What Would Jesus Undo? 
Text: Psalm 23; Matthew 5-6; Luke 5
Preacher: Brent McCrory

This is our second week of wrestling with the vice of vainglory in our What Would Jesus Undo? series. Church tradition, and even common sense, tell us silence and solitude are two of our biggest allies for rooting out this age-old foe. After all, the vice means to ‘praise or give weight to something which is really empty’ (vain = empty; glory ~ praise, honor, weight), so in order to cooperate with Jesus to undo its effects we need to have time with Him.

How does Jesus see us? How does God see us? How can the Holy Spirit help us in this process? These, and a few other things – like how ingrained this vice is into our culture – will be touched on this week.

5.17.15 sermon ppt