Series: thankventmas III – THE GIFT & Our gifts
Text: 1 Peter 4:7-11; Isaiah 2:1-5; Exodus 12;
Preacher: Brent McCrory


NOTE: This is our first worship service in town at the West Campus. As a result, all of our audio details are not quite where we want them. So, I apologize the sound quality is rather low on this recording. If I can clean up this recording later I will do so and remove the note/amend it. Beyond this, I think the proper changes have been made so the next sermon is a much better quality in sound.

The first Sunday of Advent focuses on hope. As you have heard, thankfulness is essential to following Jesus. Yet hope is not essential to following Jesus. Why? Because hope is what we have as followers of Jesus.

A difficulty with the above is…we may not believe it. Therefore we must renew our minds and seek to define reality carefully. In other words, the return of Jesus is going to happen (we should expect it)…yet between now and whenever that time is we do not simply sit around and wait. God has given us a GIFT…and wants us to in turn utilize the gifts we have been given as a result of His GIFT.