Series: Decision 2016 (An Unveiling) Text: Revelation 6-8; 11; 16 Preacher: Brent McCrory The most recent sermon from our look in Revelation, and if you have noticed we have yet to look at issues like “when is Jesus coming back” and the debated “rapture of the church” (for a…


Series: Decision 2016 (An Unveiling) Text: Revelation 17; various others throughout the Bible Preacher: Brent McCrory For all of the differences of humanity (e.g., ethnicity, spoken language, physical stature, place of living, etc.), there are things we have in common as well. One thing humanity shares in common is…


Things to Remember


Series: NLCC Elders Text: 2 Peter Preacher: Bob Griffin If you are like everyone else, you have difficulty with forgetting some really important things from time to time. And, if you are not sure about this in your life…chances are you simply do not remember! Listen in as one…


Series: Decision 2016 (An Unveiling) Text: Revelation 1-3 Preacher: Brent McCrory No matter what is going on around you, no matter what has taken place in your past, no matter what may take place in the future…you need to take another look at Jesus. 10-2-16-sermon-ppt