Series: Welcome Home  Text: Psalm 117 Speaker: Brent McCrory Today was our last “Welcome Home” worship service. The audio above flowed out of reflecting a bit on the morning’s time of worship led by Into the Son, along with a love for and devotion to follow Jesus.


Series: Welcome Home  Text: Mark 8Speaker: Brent McCrory This sermon title may raise a variety of questions, such as: Which God? To What? Can anyone come? and others. Listen in as we continue our Welcome Home series.


Series: Welcome Home  Text: Psalm 23 Speaker: Brent McCrory We continue our Welcome Home series with a look at Psalm 23 and the concept of a God Who is willing to sit with us. The question is, will we make time to sit with Him?


Series: Welcome Home  Text: Mark 3 Speaker: Kevin Ingram As we continue our Welcome Home series we were blessed to have Kevin Ingram, the president of Manhattan Christian College, share a message with us from Mark 3.