Sermon Series: Forgiveness – A Rare Jewel
Text: Matthew 18:21-35
Preacher: Brent McCrory

Forgiveness is more valuable than anything on this planet. I know, it sounds ludicrous. Yet in God’s Kingdom things are often “upside down,” if you will. In light of this, as we turn this rare jewel that is forgiveness a bit more this week and look at another facet of it, we will see there is a Warning we must heed.

Keep in mind, this Warning does not cancel out the facet of forgiveness being “A Return” (cf. Leviticus 25 on 6/22/14), or the facet of forgiveness being “A Celebration” (cf. Luke 15 on 6/29/14). These two angles/facets/views of forgiveness are still true…but must be seen in conjunction with the “turn” of the priceless jewel that is forgiveness this week.

7.6.14 sermon ppt