New Life Christian Church shares a heritage with millions of believers across all ages, many of whom are now with the Lord while others are alive upon this earth. This is often referred to as the “Mystical Church.”

New Life rejoices in the fact that there are followers of Jesus all across the world today. This is often referred to as the “Universal Church.” We desire God’s Word to spread rapidly not only in Emporia, but throughout the entire world.

Most tangible for us, and you, New Life is also a group of people who meet regularly at a building about three miles east of Emporia. This is often referred to as the “Local Church.” Our purpose is to worship God with our brothers and sisters in Christ as He transforms our lives for His glory.

These three aspects of “God’s Church” help us see what we believe is rooted in history (Mystical Church); it is not a passing fad. They remind us of our need to pray for followers of Jesus around the world to remain faithful to Him (Universal Church). They help us realize we exist not merely for our benefit (Local Church), but also for the benefit of others – and most importantly for God’s glory. People need to not only hear the good news of God’s saving love but also see and experience it from followers of Jesus. Therefore, what we do on Sunday mornings is only a small (though very important) part of what we do as followers of Jesus…