Sermon Series: Thankventmas
Text: Genesis 1; Ephesians; Philippians 4:4-9
Preacher: Brent McCrory

Thankfulness is often overlooked. Living in a culture where we are conditioned to want more, right now, the discipline of thankfulness takes effort. Thankfulness is often misunderstood. Living in a culture where we go to great lengths to avoid sorrow, pain, and most any other uncomfortable thing we can, the discipline of thankfulness seems out of place in many circumstances. However, thankfulness is essential for followers of Jesus.

The fact that thankfulness is essential for followers of Jesus is an undeniable conclusion when one looks at Scripture. But sometimes, when we are honest, Scripture seems, well, a bit too ideal in some matters. Thankfully for us, we were blessed to hear a real life (flesh and blood) example about the impact of thankfulness on the life of an individual. Thank you to Melissa McCrory for boldly sharing part of her story and encouraging us to accept God’s invitation to live – and be thankful.

11.23.14 sermon ppt