Stories intrigue us. It is why books become bestsellers and movies become blockbusters. It is why many long for romance and everyone longs for purpose in their lives. It is why children love to be read a book – a story.

Stories intrigue us because a Master Story-teller has told the grandest story of all. Echoes of this grand story find their way into daily life. In fact, echoes of This Story find their way into the popular stories of our day.

The Master Story-teller is God. His Story is one of excitement and peril, laughter and tears, happiness and sorrow, and much, much more. Yet ultimately, God’s Story is one of triumph. God’s Story does not turn a blind eye to evil in the world. Actually, much evil weaves its way through God’s Story – like a poison. However, God’s Story resolutely looks evil square in the eye and says, “You will not have the last word!”

The truth that evil will not have the last word is celebrated at New Life. Many of the ministries we do flow out of past brokenness and damage done by evil (sin) in the lives of people. God has brought these ministry leaders on a journey, a healing journey, made possible by God’s Story.

God’s Story began in a Garden (Genesis 2:15), and ends in another Garden (Revelation 2:7; 22:2), because of Jesus’ obedience in another Garden (Mark 14:33). Your story finds its purpose in this Story...