Every person you have ever met has a story. By “story” I mean the events that have occurred in their lives which have led them to the place where they are currently. These stories come in a variety of styles. Some are success stories. Others are stories of ruin. Some are inspirational stories. Others make us glad we have our own story and not their story. Yet for all the differences in stories they all have one thing in common. They are all lacking…

It does not matter what one achieves in life – there is always more. It does not matter how far someone has fallen in life – it could have been worse. Every story lacks because our individual stories are incomplete until we encounter God’s Story and have our broken story remade by His Story.

God’s Story has literally shaped the world in which we live – for the good. God’s Story gives us hope when everything around us seems to be crumbling down. God’s Story guarantees us that one day things will be made right again. Indeed, God’s Story is where we can find hope, healing, and purpose for our individual story no matter what it currently looks like.

It is undeniable that, no matter how good your story is, it is still littered with difficulty and heartache. It is also undeniable that, no matter how bad your story is, there is still hope. A beautiful reality is that your current story (no matter whether it is “good,” “bad,” or “broken”), once changed by God’s Story, just might lead to a ministry which will bring hope, healing, and purpose for countless people. It is a mystifying way in which God works as He continues to undo the effects of sin on His creation – at times one story at a time.