Series: Funding the Kingdom
Text: Luke 12:13-21; Romans 15:24-29; Proverbs 11:24-28; 15:16-17; 19:4,17; 21:13; 22:9; 30:7-9
Speaker: Brent McCrory


At the heart of giving is a very God-like activity. Perhaps it is the most God-like activity. What is this G0d-like activity? Well, since God desires to be with people…at the heart of giving is providing so all have the opportunity to know God. In other words, giving to fund the Kingdom of God.

And giving to something bigger than ourselves is necessary. After all, our culture will push us into the mold of consumer…it is what it wants of you. Yet God wants more than that of you…He wants you to have wisdom in dealing with His money.