Series: God’s Heart in Ruth
Text: Ruth
Preacher: Brent McCrory along with Wyatt & Jenny Mann

1st Service:

2nd Service:

As we wrapped up the book of Ruth, New Life was blessed to have Wyatt & Jenny Mann (missionaries in the Philippines with One Challenge) with us to share. We were blessed to have them because who better to hear from than “missionaries” when we have a sermon about God’s desire to advance His Kingdom?

In person you could see my wry smile at the moment. This is not to say Wyatt & Jenny are unimportant. In fact, quite the opposite, they are very important – plus they are simply delightful people. Yet we must not make the mistake of thinking God only works through the “super Christians” (whoever they are – and it is likely whoever you would be inclined to label as such would reject, or shrug-off, the label) to advance His Kingdom.

So, do you think God can work through you to advance His kingdom?