Series: The Hidden Kingdom 
Text: Genesis and others 
Preacher: Brent McCrory

For those aware of debates concerning the Bible, Genesis is often viewed as a battleground for the beginning. In other words is it Creation? Evolution? Something in between? I wonder what might happen if we would stop coming to Genesis fixated on our questions and instead come to Genesis with open eyes. We just might find something hidden in plain sight. After all, what if Genesis is communicating something far larger than our modern-day debates? What if Genesis is communicating important truths about the Kingdom of God?

Listen in as we take our first steps into a larger world as we seek to look, with open eyes, at the Bible in hopes of seeing what has been there all along. After all, we cannot deny the reality that the Kingdom of God was the focal point of Jesus’ ministry (e.g., it was the first words on His lips in Matthew and Mark…we will get to Luke later I think, doubtful we will look at John). But why was it? Perhaps because it is the focus of the entire Bible. Listen in…and keep tuning in, or join us in person next week. This is too important to be contained in a single sermon, and the concepts in it need marinated…and meditated on.  

8.19.18 Hidden in Genesis