Series: The Hidden Kingdom
Text: The Gospels
Speaker: Brent McCrory

The Hidden Kingdom appears to be just that, “hidden” in what we call the Old Testament. Yet as we have seen the last two weeks, it is clearly there. Granted, at times we need to be shown where to look, but simply because we may have missed it in the past does not mean it is not there.

As we turn the page to the New Testament the Kingdom of God could hardly be called hidden, especially when one considers how often it was on the lips of Jesus. Yet if Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God so much, then why isn’t it more of a focus for us today? Why does the concept of the Kingdom of God seem to be new to many Christians? Perhaps you can answer that question by first answering this question. When you think of God sending Jesus to earth do you think of this happening so that a) Jesus could die for our sins, or b) to re-launch the Kingdom of God?

Listen in as we continue our four week series on The Hidden Kingdom.

9.2.18 Hidden in the Gospels