Series: Room For Doubt 
Text: Various 
Preacher: Dave Henry

Is the Bible Reliable? Perhaps you have never really considered the question and have simply trusted it to be so. Perhaps you are currently wrestling with the question. Perhaps you have reached a conclusion and you feel like you are not quite in the norm of what many believe in Christianity. For those who doubt, welcome and listen in, please. For those who do not…do you want to really hear what God has to say through the Bible?

New Life was blessed to have Dave Henry come and share with us in the 3rd week of our Room For Doubt series. Dave serves as the Discipleship Director for Trash Mountain Project [www.trashmountain.org] and also as part of the teaching faculty at Manhattan Christian College [www.mccks.edu]. New Life supports both of these missions as a whole, as well as Dave’s role as Discipleship Director.