Sermon Series: The Story: Discipline & Deliverance
1 Kings, 2 Kings, Amos, Hosea
Preacher: Brent McCrory

It seems the ways in which people talk about God is a MAJOR reason why there is so much disagreement about God. Examples of these “ways” range from flat-out distortions of God (e.g., statements or beliefs which are not found in Scripture) to focusing too much on a truth about God which is found in Scripture. So what is one to do?

While there are several things that can be done, two with which we need to come to grips are the realities that 1) knowing God is a process – it NEVER ends, and 2) adopting a “snapshot” approach to viewing God can be very helpful.

NOTE: toward the end of the sermon, during the lead in to the Lord’s Supper, you will notice a shift in the sound of my voice. This is simply due to a technical difficulty which led to re-recording that aspect (or at least something close to what I said Sunday morning) later. In other words, what you will hear was said Sunday morning…just not exactly in that way (but close).