Giving & Baggage


Series: Funding the Kingdom Text: Matthew 6 and others Speaker: Brent McCrory http://nlccoe.com/Sermons/Funding%20the%20Kingdom/9-23-18%20GIving%20and%20Baggage.mp3 At the heart of giving is a very God-like activity. Perhaps it is the most God-like activity. What is this G0d-like activity? Well, since God desires to be with people…at the heart of giving is providing so all…


Series: You Asked For It Text: Proverbs Preacher: Brent McCrory We are back at it for the second sermon in our You Asked For It sermon series. This week we touch on the reality of Prosperity Preachers. Does God really want you healthy and wealthy? Wow…that is a lot to…


Why Study Anything?


Seminar Study: Eschatology- Why Study Anything? Text: Various Speaker: Brent McCrory There are a lot of answers to why we study the Bible.  It seems they can, or should, all fall under the umbrella of life transformation.  In other words, the only reason God has revealed anything is for the purpose of…