Series: The World is Waiting 
Text: Romans 6:23; and various others throughout YHWH’s Story
Preacher: Brent McCrory

Thanksgiving time…a time when culturally we pause and give thanks (while simultaneously being pressured to forget the many things for which we are thankful by advertising and marketing). It is a bit ironic…  But alas, the holidays are upon us. I enjoy the holidays, but I am most thankful for a Better Story.

What is this Better Story? Well, you will have to listen in (for the first time or again), but it is breathtaking in its beauty and unsurpassed in its scope. It is God’s desire to restore all things. Listen in, and while there is no video of my drawing things out, you can see the “finished work” in the 11.19.17 sermon ppt file. I say “finished work” because I am not an artist, but more importantly, this is a story (and a way of presenting it) we will return to time and time again in the future. Yet even then it is not “finished work” until God restores all things (and then, in reality, it continues…).

11.19.17 sermon ppt