Series: Essential Prayer 
Text: James 4; Mark 11:23-25; Proverbs 21:13; Isaiah 1:12-20; 1 Peter3:7; Psalm 66:18; Proverbs 28:13; Romans 12:9-21
Preacher: Brent McCrory

Unanswered prayers…every follower of God has experienced them; they are never easy. In fact, sometimes they can lead us to question the goodness of God, whether or not He is listening, and perhaps even His existence. So, what do we do when we face them?

Last week we heard some realities concerning unanswered prayer, this week we will hear some more. When we feel like screaming out, “God, why aren’t You listening to me?” – perhaps if we are quiet enough…and with the word of God stored up in our heart, we just might hear God say, “I am. Why aren’t you listening to Me?”

11.1.15 sermon ppt