Series: Waiting 
Text: John 9; Revelation 12:11; 1 Peter 3:14-17;
Preacher: Brent McCrory

As followers of Jesus we have many things in common. One of these shared things is how we all have a story. We all have events and circumstances which led up to us saying yes to Jesus. Another one of these shared things is how our individual stories need to be shared.

“Me, share my story?” some may wonder or balk. Yes, know and share your story. Listen in as we begin a new series, “Waiting,” as we look forward to Pentecost Sunday.

Disclaimer: What follows is a bit of, and close to, a few things I said after the sermon, during Communion. One individual told me it was helpful to them, so I share it here.
“You may think you have soiled your story. In other words, after saying yes to Jesus you messed up…perhaps in a big way. While many things could be said about this I will share two. One, we need to get over the idea that we need to be perfect (I went on a bit here but want to share the next part). Two, simply read the Bible. Take Peter for example. Peter, one of the 12, the guy who preached on Pentecost after being filled with the Holy Spirit…and he was a bigot. He shied away from eating with Gentile Christians when some Jewish Christians showed up, and Paul called him out on it in public. It was sinful and wrong, but with sin there is fortunately repentance and forgiveness… [and I said a few other things too – but that was the gist of it].