Seminar Study: Eschatology- Why Study Anything?
Text: Various
Speaker: Brent McCrory

There are a lot of answers to why we study the Bible.  It seems they can, or should, all fall under the umbrella of life transformation.  In other words, the only reason God has revealed anything is for the purpose of our transformation.

Why should a person study eschatology?  There are a lot of reasons given…but why would any reason given differ from the answer of life transformation? Join us as we lay down some ground rules for our study and begin to look at what the Bible says about the “last days”.

Eschatology, what does it mean? Should we be concerned about it? Answering question number two – Yes – is much easier than giving a concise answer to question number one. Defining eschatology…well, that is why we are having a class.

A person can break down the word “eschatology” and learn it basically means “the study of the last things”. Yet is that a good definition? Furthermore, who decides what the “last things” are? Lastly, why do we even study the Bible?

2-2-12 Eschatology Handout