We believe that in the beginning God made everything good. Therefore He loves all of His creation. We believe humankind is the crowning point of God’s creation, and after we were made it was very good. However, we also believe “the fall” of humankind impacted all of creation. Fortunately, we firmly believe God is in the process of undoing the effects of sin on His creation. To fully accomplish this, God sent Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, His Son.

As a person nears death they are likely to reflect on the things of life that are most important. Most people regret spending too little time with family, not spending more time at work. Most people regret unresolved damage to relationships, not how they could have gotten their way more often.

We have looked at Jesus’ prayer in John 17 (the night before He was arrested and subsequently executed) to see what was on His heart that night. In John 17 we see the following areas of concern for Jesus. Therefore we have adopted them as our Core Values.

Core Values

  • Biblical Authority
  • Lordship of Jesus
  • Evangelizing the World
  • Sanctifying the Saints
  • Glorifying God

New Life’s Purpose Statement flows out of those values.