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Christ to the Nations

C.T.N supports 50+ national Filipino preachers, House of Joshua (Children’s Home) on the island of Mindinao, and Davidson House (Children’s Home) on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines, Icthus Christian School (salaries and construction) on the island of Bohol which has over 63 students, raised funds for construction of church buildings, raised funds for surgeries, hospitalization and other medical needs for individuals in the Philippines, provided clothing, food, etc. for the needy, donation of books for preachers and Bible colleges and hosted seminars. Annual overseas travel to participate in and oversee the previously mentioned activities. Eldon & Sue Potts have been traveling and promoting missions for the last thirty-nine years. They have traveled in the United States preaching the gospel and presenting gospel concerts to raise funds for the above activities.  Sherman Sack is a director for CTN and has raised funds to support 2 pastors in the Philippines as well as fund building projects and provide support for college tuition. He has helped broaden the ministry to Haiti by supporting local ministers in Haiti and has helped raise funds for projects and ministries as well as traveled to Haiti to preach and teach.