A “missionary” is one who is sent. This means all Christians are, by identity, missionaries because Jesus sent us out into the world just as the Father sent Him into it (Jn20:21).

Yet a reality is that the church in America has been blessed financially. Therefore we believe it is both appropriate and imperative to support various agencies that are typically viewed as “missions”.

Christian Evangelizing Association

Lincoln Christian Seminary

Manhattan Christian College

Ozark Christian College

Shiloh Home of Hope

Emporia Christian School

Cookson Hills

Hidden Haven Christian Camp

International Conference on Missions

Lyon County Restricted Emergency Fund (LCREF)

The Voice of the Martyrs

Trash Mountain Project

Our desire and prayer is that God will raise up missionaries within the body of New Life. Our goal will then be to support them as they serve God wherever He may lead them (e.g., a foreign country, inner cities, etc.).